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Speech and Language in the Classroom

Speech Link

What is Speech Link?

Speech Link is designed to be used by teachers to assess pupils aged 4 to 8 years for developmental speech sound difficulties. The innovative, online multimedia package includes a comprehensive range of resources as well as offering practical suggestions on how to manage speech difficulties within the mainstream classroom.

What does Speech Link offer?

Speech Link offers schools a number of benefits:

  • Early identification of pupils with speech sound difficulties
  • Tailored intervention for speech sound work
  • A wide range of resources for every classroom, both printed and online games
  • Information about the development of speech and its links to the skills underlying literacy
  • Encourages the development of a strong speech sound system, the foundation of literacy skills
  • Evidence of progress for school inspection
  • Improvement of the skill mix through training and support for teachers and TAs
  • Engagement of parents through information and programmes

How do I get Speech Link?

Call our help desk on 0333 577 0784 or 01227 811835

You can buy online and view our current UK pricing and special offers in the Pricing Section.

Speech Assessment

The Speech Link speech screen is quick and easy to administer. The child is presented with a series of engaging, easily presentable pictures. The child names the picture and the supporting adult enters the response. The results recommend age appropriate speech programmes with a suggested order of work.

The results identify children requiring school based support and those who require discussion with the speech and language therapy service.

Tailored Interventions

Following the screen, speech programmes will be recommended. The programmes are all highly structured and explain how to work with pupils from single sound level to putting the sound in everyday speech.

There are also interactive listening games presented online. These graded tasks develop the ability to hear the difference between different sounds in words and are suitable for all foundation pupils.


Speech Link includes an extensive bank of printable resources for support staff.

A comprehensive range of picture resources and visual support materials for the classroom and parents is included.